The lecture rooms in the "Casino" conference centre will be equipped with modern projection equipment. The following aids may be used in your presentation:

Those using the presentation files are kindly requested to bring them on flash disks and load them into the master computers in the lecture rooms well before the start of the respective sessions. To avoid problems with changing the computers, the authors will not be allowed to use their own computers. Dedicated computers will be available for checking the presentations before loading. For the presentations, MS PowerPoint 2010 or newer, or Adobe Reader will be used. The time allocated to a contributed verbal paper will be 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation plus 5 minutes discussion). Already at this moment, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the chairpersons will be instructed to strictly adhere to the announced time schedule.


The poster presentations will form a constituent part of the specific conference sections. The conditions for publication of full papers based on the poster presentations will be identical with those for the publication of verbal communications

The authors are kindly required to mount their posters onto the panels before the start of the morning sessions of the appropriate day. All the posters will be on display for the whole day. The author(s) attendance at their presentations is requested during the time specified in the Programme Overview.

The dimensions of the poster panels will be 100 x 200 cm, portrait oriented. The posters should be attached to the panels with pins, since the panel surface will not allow the use of any stickers. The authors are strongly advised to balance the amount of the text displayed with the letter size, colours, and size of figures and tables so as to enable the readers easy orientation in the displayed material even from a distance of at least 150 cm.

For those interested, print of posters will be provided by the organisers until one week before the conference for a 25 EUR including tax. This printing service can be ordered during the registration (Poster Printing Service). The poster should be in PDF or JPG formats and should be sent to the address by Wednesday, May 9. The standard size expected is up to A0, i.e. 841 × 1189 mm