The registration, abstract submission and technical programme development is managed by the Integrated Digital Conference (INDICO) Meetings, Events, Conferences Tool developed by CERN. To be able to re-visit your registration and update it with abstract submission etc., you must have an account at INDICO. Your INDICO account registration information can be seen only by the RadChem 2014 organising team and it will be used only as an input into your RadChem registration; it will not be passed to any third party.

You may create your new INDICO account here.
After you receive your confirmation e-mail (typically, the delivery takes about 1 hour) and activate your account, you may log-in to INDICO and register for the conference / submit an abstract.

If you already have an active INDICO account, you may log-in and fill-in / re-visit your RadChem 2014 registration and/or submit/review your abstract here.

In case of any problems with the abstract submission, please contact the RadChem office.


Registration Fees

Registration Fee


paid by
 March 18, 2014
April 1, 2014

paid by
April 18, 2014

paid after
April 18, 2014

Full 1

620 EUR

670 EUR

720 EUR

Student 1,2

350 EUR

380 EUR

400 EUR

One day 3

300 EUR

300 EUR

300 EUR

Accompanying person 4

250 EUR

250 EUR

250 EUR

Exhibitor 5

1 240 EUR

1 340 EUR

1 440 EUR


Social Programme - Extra tickets6

  (valid for NOT registered accompanying persons only)

Welcome reception, May 11

30 EUR

35 EUR

40 EUR

Concert, May 12

free of charge

free of charge

free of charge

Wellness night, May 12

not available

not available

not available

Conference trip & Dinner, May 14

80 EUR

90 EUR

100 EUR



Conference bus from Prague to Mariánské Lázně on May 11

25 EUR

Conference bus from Mariánské Lázně to Prague on May 16

25 EUR


Poster printing service

Poster in A0 format i.e.: 841 × 1189 mm

20 EUR / poster

1 covers – all the direct activities of the conference, coffee-break refreshments, lunches, Booklet of Abstracts, Conference Proceedings, Conference trip and social activities (e.g. Welcome reception, Wellness night, Concert)

2 a copy of Student’s ID should be attached when on-line registered

3 covers – all the direct and social activities of the respective day, and the Booklet of Abstracts. Does not include Conference Proccedings.

4 covers – lunches, M. Lázně Sightseeing tour, three trips, Social Programme (e.g. Welcome reception, Concert, Conference dinner)

5 covers – 10 m2 Exhibition Stand and a full conference registration (see above) for one person excluding the Conference Proceedings

6 one ticket to each of the social events is always included in all types of registration fees


Payment of the fees should be made by one of the following methods:
  1. Direct Bank Transfer (prices in CZK or the invoice in advance on request – do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

  2. By credit card on-line via secured payment service. (VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro and Master Card are accepted)

  3. By payment card - mail order. (Embossed VISA and Master Cards are accepted)

The detailed instructions, on-line payment module, and/or bank-transfer form generation will be available through the on-line INDICO RadChem 2014 registration form here (see above).

Where applicable, please note that the VAT number of the Czech Technical University in Prague, where the payments are handled, is CZ68407700.