The George Hevesy Medal Award (HMA) is the premier international award of excellence in radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. It is awarded to an individual in recognition of excellence through outstanding, sustained career achievements in the fields of pure as well as applied nuclear and radiochemistry, particularly applications to nuclear analytical chemistry. Established originally in 1968 by the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (JRNC), the George Hevesy Medal Award has been given 19 times during 1968-86. This Award has been reactivated in 2000. It is sponsored by JRNC and adjudicated by the International Committee on Activation Analysis/Modern Trends in Activation Analysis (ICAA/MTAA). The Award has no monetary value. The George Hevesy Medal Award comprises an engraved bronze medal and an ornamental scroll.

The names (year) of the former awardees are: W. Wayne MEINKE (1968), Albert A. SMALES (1969), Ivan Pavlovich ALIMARIN (1970), Philippe ALBERT and Julien HOSTE (1972), Tibor BRAUN and Juraj TÖLGYESSY (1975), Francesco GIRARDI (1976), Saadia AMIEL and Richard E. WAINERDI (1977), Robert E. JERVIS (1978), Vincent P. GUINN (1979), William S. LYON and Max PEISACH (1981), Edward V. SAYRE and Garman HARBOTTLE (1983), Georges AMSEL (1984), Nobuo SUZUKI (1985), Emile A. SCHWEIKERT (1986), Frans DE CORTE (2000), Amares CHATT and Eiliv STEINNES (2001), Enrico SABBIONI (2002), Jeroen J.M. DE GOEIJ (2003), Attila VÉRTES (2004), Nicholas M. SPYROU, Gregory CHOPPIN, Zhifang CHAI (2005), Jan KUCERA (2006), Robert R. GREENBERG (2007), Syed M. QAIM (2008), Richard M. LINDSTROM (2009), Darleane C. HOFFMAN (2010), Peter BODE (2011), Boris F. MYASOEDOV (2012), and Rajmund S. DYBCZYÑSKI (2013).

The George Hevesy Medal Award 2014 will be presented at the opening session of the 17th Radiochemical Conference (RadChem 2014) in Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic on the 11th May 2014.

Nominations of worthy candidates for HMA-14 are widely solicited by the ICAA/MTAA from the international community of practicing radiochemists and may be initiated by individual colleagues or their institutes. There are no restrictions with respect to age, gender, nationality or other to who may be nominated among those whose achievements fall within the guidelines of the Hevesy Medal Award. A copy of the complete guideline can be obtained from: Professor A. Chatt, President of ICAA/MTAA.

The Organising Committee of RadChem 2014 congratulates Professor Heino NITSCHE (hnitsche (at) of the Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley, California, U.S.A., with his being selected to receive the Hevesy Medal Award 2014 in recognition of his international contributions to heavy element chemistry and actinide environmental chemistry. The full text of the respective Announcement can be found here.

The audio record of Hevesy Avard Lecture given by prof. Heino Nitsche could be downloaded here (mp3, 319 MB). The movie will be added later.