Visa Requirements
Attention of the participants is drawn to the fact that citizens of some countries need visa to enter the Czech Republic. Checking this requirement while making the travel arrangements is highly advisable.
The list of visa requirement for the individual countries may be found at the Czech Site. The list of Czech Emabasies abroad may be found at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs site. The Visa Application Forms may be downloaded from here.

The climate in Marianske Lazne is a bit colder than the average for the Czech Republic is. In the week 23  28 April, the average day temperature is 6.0 C (43 F), the average of maximum day temperatures is 10.3 C (51 F), and the average of minimum night temperatures is 0.3 C (33 F). The precipitation probability is 31 %, however the probability of precipitation in excess of 5 mm per day is only 15 % and there are in average 5.5 hours of sunshine per day.

The above data may be viewed as a quantification of the general rule that the main characteristics of the Central European weather in April is its instability. The actual conditions may change rapidly and significantly differ from the above average values. Quite often, the trees in blossom become damaged by frost in April.

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