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Conference Buses
The Organising Committee will provide two Conference Buses for the participants who indicated their intention to use this way of transportation from Prague to Marianske Lazne in their Registration Forms or e-mail communication. The buses will depart from Prague centre (Main Railway Station - Hlavni nadrazi) via railway station Nadrazi Holesovice and Prague airport (Praha-Ruzyne) on Sunday, 23rd April, the first after the lunch and the second in the evening. The return buses will leave Marianske Lazne on Friday, 28th April at 16:30. The timetables of the Conference Buses are as follows:

  23rdApril (Sunday) 28thApril (Friday)
Bus No. 1 Bus No. 2 Both buses
departure arrival departure arrival departure arrival
Hlavni nadrazi 13.30   ---     19.45
Nadrazi Holesovice 14.00   ---     ---
Praha - Ruzyne (Terminal North II) 14.30   20.00     19.00
Marianske Lazne   17.00   22.30 16.30  

There will be Conference Service in the Arrival Halls of the Prague-Ruzyne airport Terminal North II (those arriving to Terminal North I please use the connecting corridor to reach Terminal North II arrival hall) and Holesovice railway station. At the Prague Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi), the meeting point will be in the main hall in front of the post office. All the meeting points will be served 30 minutes before the Conference Bus departure. Conference Service will bear symbol of the 15th Radiochemical Conference. The buses will be labelled with the conference symbol, too.

Any additional participants who might wish to use the Conference Bus are still welcome. They are kindly required to make the Conference Secretariat aware of their intention. The fare (EUR 15 one way ticket) will be collected at the registration desk.

Public Transportation
Marianske Lazne can be easily reached by trains or buses both from Prague and via NŁrenberg. The public buses as well as the trains arrive to Marianske Lazne Main Station. The "Casino" conference centre as well as all the hotels may be easily reached from there by taxi (approx. CZK 80 per ride) or a trolley bus (see below). The detailed train and bus time tables can be viewed here.

Some additional sources of useful information on the internet are:


Trolley Bus Marianske Lazne
The trolley bus stop is in front of the Marianske Lazne Main Station building, few meters to the right of the main exit. Trolley bus No. 5 should be used to reach the specific conference destinations:

Destination Exit at No. of stops
"Casino" conference centre Centrum 6
Villa Butterfly Knihovna 4
Zlaty zamek, Villa Regent, Excelsior Centrum 6
Oradour, Polonia Mestsky urad 7
Pacifik, Zvon Mirove namesti 8
Svoboda, Silva Kolonada 9
Centralni Lazne - Neapol Goethovo namesti 10

The price for a single ride is CZK 8 per person plus additional CZK 7 for each piece of large luggage. There is one trolley bus in every 15-20 minutes on week days and every 40 minutes during the weekends. The exact time table may be found here.

Notice: the fare should be paid by coins only at the trolley bus (enter through the front door only).

Private Car Parking in Marianske Lazne
Parking of private cars outside the hotel parking lots is illegal in the centre of Marianske Lazne, except for unloading and loading. In addition to hotel parking lots, parking spaces are available in Parking Garages Centrum - a parking house in PramenskŠ street. Price: 1 day - 450 CZK*, 2 days - 336 CZK* (*continuous parking). For 3 days parking and longer (parking interruption possible) it is optimal to buy the subscription cards - CZK 160,-/per day.

Transportation between Prague Ruzyne Airport and Prague Centre
Prague has only one international airport - Praha Ruzyne Airport - that is located to the north-west of the city, about 17 km from the city centre. The airport has no metro or train connection with the city centre and is only served by buses and taxis.

Two local buses connect the airport to metro stations.

The buses operate between 4.20 and 24.00, approximately every 20 minutes and cost CZK 20 (CZK 25 if bought from the driver). The scheme and time tables of Prague public transport can be viewed at or, respectively.

There is also a relatively cheap airport bus MINIBUS CEDAZ which will get you to DejvickŠ metro station (CZK 60) and to V Celnici street (CZK 90) in the city centre. These buses run roughly from 5:30 until 21:30 every 30 minutes.

Another option is an airport taxi. A taxi from the airport to the downtown should cost about CZK 520 (not more than CZK 700).