The scope of the 14th Radiochemical Conference will cover most topics of the former meetings of this series. However, at this conference we would like to make a definite attempt to demonstrate the contributions of our branch to other fields of science, research, and to the everyday life of people. Moreover, we would like to stimulate discussions on the future prospects of nuclear- and radiochemistry, outlining the problems and issues challenging this community all over the world.


The RadChem 2002 scientific programme will be divided into twenty seven sessions conducted over full five days. The programme addresses eight general topics, which are

Two panel discussions are scheduled for the closing afternoon of the conference. Their topics include:


An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the technical programme. Technologies, equipment, technical and management services in all areas pertaining to the themes of the conference may be presented, including, but not limited to, radiation detection and measurement, radiochemical separation technologies and instrumentation, radioactive waste management, decontamination and decommissioning, radioanalytical services, industrial application of radioisotopes and ionising radiation, radionuclides production and marketing, radiopharmaceuticals etc. Publishing houses were invited to present their new titles.